Moringa Tea

Moringa Tea

Moringa Leaves Powder (Drumstick Tree Leaves - Shigru Powder)/Tea

Moringa powder maintains healthy Cardiac functions, improves digestion and is highly nutritious. It has anti inflammatory properties.

Moringa contains proteins, vitamins and minerals. As an antioxidant, it seems to help protect cells from damage. Moringa has been proposed as an iron-rich food source. It is used in curries, sambhars, kormas, dals and also to add flavor to other recipes.

It is used for anemia, arthritis and other joint pain, asthma, cancer, constipation, diabetes, diarrhea, epilepsy, stomach pain, intestinal ulcers, high blood pressure, kidney stones, thyroid disorders. It is useful in bacterial, fungal, viral and parasitic infections.

Moringa seeds oil is used in foods, perfume and hair care products and as a machine lubricant. Immature green pods (drumsticks) are prepared similarly to green beans. Seeds removed from the matured pods are cooked like peas or roasted like nuts. The leaves are cooked and used like spinach. They are also dried and powdered for use as a condiment.