Dry Roselle Seeds

Dry Roselle Seeds

Hibiscus Leaves

The green leaves are used like a spicy version of spinach. They give flavour to the dish. The green leaves can be used in making curry. The leaves are steamed along with lentils and cooked with dal. The leaves are fried with garli and green chili and cooked with vegetables.

The other unique dish prepared is gongura pachadi, it is prepared by mixing fried leaves with spices and made into a gongura pacchadi, the most famous dish of Andhra cuisine and is often described as king of all Andhra foods.

It is perhaps the most widely eaten and popular vegetable in Burma. The leaves are fried with garlic, dried or fresh prawns and green chili or cooked with fish. A light soup made from roselle leaves and dried prawn stock is also a popular dish.

Among the Bodo tribals of Bodoland, Assam (India) the leaves of both hibiscus sabdariffa and hibiscus cannabinus are cooked along with chicken, fish, crab or pork, one of their traditional cuisines.

In the Philippines,the leaves and flowers are used to add sourness to chicken dish "Tinola" (Polynesian Chicken Stew).es.